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Although all of our teachers have been influenced and/or trained in the Iyengar style of yoga, each teacher’s development may reflect influences of other traditions as well. View our yoga classes below.

  • Beginning Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Large & Graceful Yoga
  • Level 1 – 3
  • Motion Theater
  • Performance Lab
  • Restorative
  • Senior Wellness
  • T’ai Chi
  • TriYoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga in Balance
  • Yoga for Bone Health


Instructor | Barbara Steiber

This class is appropriate for first-time students and those wanting a review of basic hatha yoga practice. All body types are welcome.

We will learn movement principles that will give you building blocks to help easily guide you into beginner hatha yoga poses (asanas) with comfort, proper alignment and attention to the breath.

Over the course of the classes we will:

  • Move into and out of classic standing, sitting, twisting, and balance poses
  • Learn how to transition from one asana to another with mindfulness
  • Explore which props you need for your own personal architecture so that you experience comfort in the asanas

You will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • Center and align around your axis
  • Begin to move from your bones
  • Move from the center of your body to support poses


Gentle Yoga is designed for people who want a slower pace with the extra support of props for added stability and balance. It is suitable for all levels, as well as those with specific conditions or injuries. It includes gentle stretches and breathing as well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint and increase energy. This class is suitable for all levels, including seniors, pregnant women and students with chronic symptoms or injuries. It is the ideal class for anyone who wants to sink into the nurturing aspect of yoga.


Instructor | Sally Pugh

Yoga designed for full-bodied women in a community of support. An opportunity to begin or to deepen and expand your yoga practice and enhance body, mind and spirit integration. We will include asanas that strengthen the core body, develop balance, flexibility, and strength. Breathing and meditation practices help awaken presence, center, and ground. We also address individual participants needs and desires for finding ease in their practice. Beginners are welcome.


If you are looking for a beginning yoga class with an element of mindful effort, this class is for you. No prior experience needed. Students are encouraged to explore static postures as well as dynamic flowing movements while working to increase flexibility, strength, and balance. Introductory information about postures, alignment, breathwork, and relaxation techniques are presented under the guidance of expert teachers in a light-hearted and supportive atmosphere.


Instructor | Nina Wise

This advanced Lab meets once a week for three to six months and is intended for people who’ve already taken a Motion Theatre workshop. You’ll hone your Motion Theater skills practicing solo, duet, trio and ensemble forms with other trained improvisers. Advanced Lab culminates in a public performance. Through this expressive, transformational practice, you’ll cultivate presence, advance your artistic craft and develop your leadership and presentation skills.


Instructor |Anna Rich

Restorative yoga emphasizes the calming of the nervous system and teaches the art of relaxation, which has tremendous mental and physical benefits. The use of yoga props like blankets, bolsters, blocks and sandbags help support the muscles and bones allowing the body to feel supported in extended low-level ground postures. As the layers of the body relax and you release physical, emotional and mental tensions, the nervous system is soothed and you are able to enter into a deeply peaceful space. Basic breathing and simple meditation techniques will also be introduced to deepen your sense of comfort and ease. A great class for all levels of students.


Instructor | Betty Aten

The class addresses the important physical factors involved with healthy aging; balance, strength, flexibility and agility. As we age, there are some factors we have little or no control over, but there are many other factors that we do! Through a mindful yoga practice, we discover things about our bodies that can improve our well-being. Breath awareness to focus and calm the mind is also part of each session. Those with chronic health issues, such as arthritis and lower back pain, are welcome. Being able to get up and down off the floor, with or without props, is helpful, but not a requirement.


Instructor | Greacian Goeke

Greacian teaches the 37 postures of the Yang Style Short Form, in the tradition of Professor Cheng Man-Ching and his New York school, Shr Jung. Classes consist of standing meditation, strengthening warm-ups for balance and flexibility, and detailed instruction on the movement principles of each posture. Students will develop fluid, relaxed alignment and presence in the body, bringing a revitalizing flow of energy to the mind, body and spirit.  She also introduces  T’ai Chi classic literature and lineage and offers guidance for developing a consistent home practice, an important aspect of retaining new movements as they are learned.


Instructor | Pamela McKernan

True to the concept of non-violence, TriYoga’s meditative and transformative flows emphasizes relaxation-in-action. The sequences unite asana with breath and focus to create a greater flow of life energy. Enabling one to gently progress in flexibility, strength and understanding. Breathing practices, concentration techniques and meditation are included.


Instructor | Carla Koopal, Weds. 12:00 – 1:00pm | Sally Pugh, Weds. 4:30 – 5:45pm

Yin Yoga is a meditative yoga practice that allows us the opportunity to stop and listen to the wisdom of our bodies. 

Floor poses are held for 3 – 5 minutes targeting the body’s connective tissues, bones and joints, promoting healing and fluidity in those tissues. Yin poses stimulate the flow of energy through the body’s meridian passageways, removing blockages and nourishing and revitalizing our organ systems. Combining Yin poses with restorative relaxation, this class offers an experience of deep release, rejuvenation and overall well being in body and mind. Yin is especially beneficial for those with hip and low back issues and, our focus will include the entire body, releasing the deepest toughest connective tissues to enhance flexibility and stimulate the meridians.   Yin yoga is a natural complement to more active yoga practices.


Instructor | Beth Greenfield Rogers

Balance yoga emphasizes a different alignment of the bones which helps reduce stress. You will be guided to elongate the spine, gently stretch muscles and focus on the meditative quality of the breath. Each class becomes a meditation of centering and sensory awareness while practicing basic yoga postures. Expect gentle warming stretching on the floor, slow easy sun salutations, a focus on alignment, the breath, and creating spaciousness. This class is especially helpful in supporting a pain-free back and joints. This style of yoga is based on the teaching of Noelle Perez in Paris and Jean Couch in Palo Alto.


Instructor | Betty Aten

Join Yoga for Osteoporosis certified teacher, Betty Aten for this all-levels class to practice the 12 yoga poses shown to improve bone health based on the long-term study done by Loren Fishman, MD. The class is appropriate for those already diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, and anyone interested in learning ways to maintain or improve bone health.

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